Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The complainers...

There is something I don't get about my generation... the complaining about their kids or the inability to handle life with children.  I know it's not everyone.  I certainly don't...  in fact, I sit in awe of how amazing my son is and want more around just like him.

But pretty much on a daily basis there is someone on my list of facebook friends who can't stand how cranky their kids are, or doesn't want to get up early to drive their child to hockey.  Or there is the sister of a friend who had to take her daughter to emergency for an injury... an injury serious enough to head to emergency, and probably get stitches, but not serious enough to find a friend who was home to take care of her other child and to take the time to run to a community completely not in the same direction as the hospital, because she AND her husband didn't want to have to worry about both of their children sitting with them in emergency.  And this woman is the same one who calls her Mom, who lives five hours away and says meet me halfway, I need a week without my daughter.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  What is wrong with parents?

What happened to wanting to spend time with your children?  When parents had an opportunity to stay home with their kids today on a snow day, why were their thoughts about how their kids were under their feet all day, and not let's get outside and make great memories sledding down hills?  The one other day we had enough snow here for the kids to enjoy, I was lucky enough to be off for the day and had my son.  In that day we packed in hours of being outside laughing, building snowmen (as you see in the pic just prior to this post) and sledding.  It's surely a day my son will remember and I think I had as much fun as he did.  And really, maybe that is why William is a well behaved child... because his parents spend time with him having fun, instead of him acting out to try and get our attention.

Children are a blessing.  William was our miracle who came a month early and it was five years ago today.  I remember vividly seeing him for the first time and hope I never slip into the complaining trap most of my peers have.  On the day he was born I promised to be the best father I could... and five years in I think I'm doing okay... but I'm a work in progress and will strive to be better for the rest of my life.

HAPPY 5th Birthday William!

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Jody said...

Happy Birthday William! Get daddy to give you a big cuddle from me :)