Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hallowe'en Party 2010

Saturday, October 30th my friends Colin and Colin hosted a party at their apartment... which also happens to be an old whore house in Halifax.  They completely converted their place and hosted a party to not be missed.  I won't go into a long drawn out post detailing the whole night but will give you some of the highlights.  If you want more specifics leave a comment and I'll be happy to expand.

Here's a few flashes of moments in my night:
Ex-Wife and son drive me to my friend Tori's house
Get into cab wearing costume which includes gold cape and green panty hose... cab driver doesn't even bat an eye.
At party I get groped twice by a 19 year old before I have a talk about his aggressiveness... he then begs for a hug.
I wrote something vulgar on a guy's tank top
Fog machine sets off smoke detector in apartment building... landlady freaks out cause someone is laughing as we are evacuated
Two early 20 something guys wearing loin-cloths are making out just for someone else to see it happen... they barely even know each other
Bath tub is full of blood and fingers
Sonny (female) and Cher (male) do a song for the crowd
the male Elizabeth (from The View) asks me to help him unzip his dress in the kitchen so he can change into pants for the bar... he just fully disrobes in the kitchen... I also have to help with panty hose.
Hop in cab with a very strong full drink to drive two blocks to the bar... he his a stop a little hard and I drop the entire drink on the floor with audible splash and limes everywhere... I tip well and act like nothing happened.
A "used tampon" costume wins for best costume at the bar... clearly they didn't see mine.
I run into a number of Robins... mine is the only home made version
Using the bathroom at Refs I have to hold my cup (jock version not drink) in my teeth to pee
Dance very close/flirt with someone - crush is developed
Freeze waiting for my own cab
Get home and take off costume to have coins fall onto floor that a leprechaun (lesbian friend) must have stuffed into my costume at some point.
Ahhh... Hallowe'en... that magical time of the year!!

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