Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Jeff Show

There is a movie that came out in the late 90s that is forever etched in my mind.  It's not a movie with an epic storyline or probably even won an award, but it will always stand out for me.  It's The Truman Show.  That movie where Jim Carrey's character, Truman Burbank's whole life has been created by studio executives in order to entertain the viewing audiences around the world.  And Truman has no idea that he's on this reality show and that everyone in his life is just a character.

I love this movie.  I had owned a copy, at least up until the last move, and it's one of the rare movies I could watch over and over.  I like how you can imagine network executives putting profit in front of some one's ability to have a real life, and how creative they are in keeping Truman from leaving this make believe world. 

But immediately when I watched this movie I wondered if there was a chance that I was actually watching a parody of my own life.  Could all of this I experience in life be somewhat fabricated for the world around me?  There have been times when I have looked around wondering if there are cameras all around me.  There are times when I am doing mundane chores like washing dishes, where I wonder if the director is queuing music and playing a flashback sequence, to give audiences a potential sneak peak into my thoughts. 

Part of me would like to think my life is a semi-scripted reality.  That certain things have happened to influence thoughts and experiences in a way that would be more entertaining and thought provoking to the millions of people sitting at home in front of their televisions right now.  And if it's true... someone please give me a sign.

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