Saturday, June 5, 2010

Catch up

Holy crap... how long has it been since I last blogged.  I feel like it's been forever.  So I'll do a little explaining why it's been so long.

Work has gotten a little crazy.  A woman, who has worked for the company for years, was fired on a Monday at 5pm.  I don't know specifics but during a department meeting the following week one of the VPs took the time to discuss professional conduct and included things like... anything you do on your work computer is accessed by the company and we have every right to see everything you do on that computer.  It can ruin your career and embarrass you.  Think about what you do on your computer and whether you would want your boss to read it.  Would you be embarrassed?  I immediately thought about the time I spend on the Internet and having read over the years I know it's reasonable that one can lose a job over a blog.  And my adult rated webcam show might not go over so well either.  So paying for future tuition has changed my cam scenes from business setting to a dark damp basement.  Don't judge me.

And then there was a week long vacation I took.  A family vacation of sorts to visit my sister in Toronto.  Mom, William and I got a smoking deal on a flight, especially considering we left on the Saturday morning of a long weekend.  Well Annette lives in Georgetown, not Toronto.  It's really a tease to be that close to the city and not be able to enjoy it.  We spent a couple of days south of the border in Buffalo, NY shopping, and then took in the Toronto Zoo and Canada's Wonderland and then on Friday night I took an almost two hour bus ride into the city to get my party on.  I rented a room in an Inn, that was probably better described as a hostel and was below my standards, but seeing as I didn't get in until 5 am and was up and out of the room by 10 am it fit it's purpose.

I feel bad that my sister doesn't take better advantage of living where she does.  She's over worked and hasn't made any real friends to speak of, so I think she spends the majority of her limited free time alone.  If it was me I'd (a) be applying for a job with realistic hours, (b) find a circle of friends who have similar interest and (c) I would know TO like the back of my hand. 

One trait of my father's that I inherited was the ability to speak my mind, and not always as sensitively as I should.  We had a talk last summer around a camp fire where I questioned whether she was happy.  I didn't feel I did it in a mean way but more in a concerned brother's way but it upset her, and I hate to upset any woman in my life.  I just want her to be happy and if you're not happy and fulfilled living in the big city and if you miss your family and wish you didn't miss so much of your nephew's growth then move the hell home.  I could go on and on but I've probably already said more than I should.  Moral of my story... life is short at least try and make yourself happy!

And back to my distractions from blogging... I have also started a photography course at NSCAD which is eating up lots of my time (and I LOVE IT!!), I started a new fitness plan that had me lose 15 lbs in three weeks and has started to change my body in ways I'm very happy about, my son had grade primary orientation, started little league baseball and just this Thursday graduated from preschool.

So I've had a lot on my plate... most of it has been very positive but of course there are a few bumps with the divorce, trying to become debt free and the realization that my baby is going to big school and I probably won't ever have a child that young again. 

And now to get back into routine!

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Jody said...

Can you share your fitness plan with me please :)