Friday, August 6, 2010

Let's just screw Christmas this year.

So the day in court ended up being just a money grab for the lawyers.  The Ex and I each met our respective lawyers in the lobby and they talked a bit of game to each other and then we filed into the court room.  Jaime and I made minimal eye contact and didn't even so much as say hi.  I was simply trying to keep my shit together and not cry in front of the judge, and I suspect the same was true for her as well.

The took turns standing up and addressing the judge, basically asking that our final issue be decided on by judge and at that time divorce papers would also be signed.  To say I was disappointed that nothing got done was an understatement.  I don't like wasting money, taking time off work or dealing with any of this, let alone letting it continue to drag on.

The court date is now December 14th.  That's right DECEMBER 14th.  Well as if Christmas wouldn't be hard enough this year since he'll wake up at her house, divorce will be finalized, my sister won't be home and it will be almost a year since Grammie passed away.  Needless to say I'm looking into my Mom and I (and now I'm really starting to sound like someone who should have 10 cats) going to NYC for a few days during the holidays to get away from reality.  Either that or I'll need to get a 40 of gin and as many limes as one can buy at the local Superstore.

My next post will be upbeat... PROMISE!

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