Monday, November 9, 2009

Bathroom break

Okay, so I just went to the bathroom to pee (yes I sound like I'm in elementary school) and as I stand at the urinal I can smell that someone just dropped a deuce.  You know, did number two.  Now, obviously this is the right place to have a bowel movement (now I sounds like I'm retired, HA!).

My immediate thought was, I better pee quick in case someone sees me coming out as they are going in and assumes it's me that just was in the smelly stall. 

Am I the only one that worrys about this?  And for the record, those that know me know I don't do that at work.  I work close enough to home that I would take a 15 minute break to run home, if I was that desperate.  If I'm not close enough to home I clench my ass cheeks all day long.

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