Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Love at first sight

I am going to sound all kinds of crazy here for a minute, but just humor me, okay?

I have mentioned before my unhealthy obsession with facebook… well I wouldn’t say that it’s unhealthy but would someone who is asylum crazy, think they are crazy? Anyway I love facebook because I’m nosey, I guess. My friends and I admit our creeping ways on facebook. It is a fairly open book of my friend’s lives… status updates with too much information about how their boyfriend cheated on them with a waitress, pictures of drunken moments, relationship status changes; it’s all there for their inner circle to find.

And then there is the tagged photo where you can see into completely random stranger’s photo albums depending on their privacy settings. THANK YOU to those of you who don’t filter your content. The people with completely open profiles: You are my favorite!

Well I was going thru one of my friend’s albums and found this person of interest. A person of interest because their looks blew me away. I clicked on the person’s name below the picture and BAM, I’m at the home page for their profile. I move the cursor over their profile picture and YAY it shows that I am able to click thru all of their profile pictures. Hoping for more, I go over to the photo tab and their albums are open for public viewing.

You can definitely learn a lot about a person from the pics they post on facebook. This profile in particular didn’t have any embarrassing photos that I wouldn’t post myself. Instead they show a sense of humor and confidence… and did I mention good looks?

In all honesty, when I saw this person’s profile I was slightly intoxicated by their looks. It was like in a movie when someone says… I knew when I saw you the first time that we would get married. Well that’s kind of how I felt… not the married part, but just blown away.

But then I thought about the fact that I don’t live in the same city and they probably only come home to Nova Scotia to visit family during the holiday season … and could I really be with someone who is better looking than me? Haha… see… back to the crazy.


Jody said...

LOL, it couldn't have been one of my friends!

JBrown31 said...

If it was one of your friends, I would insist that you introduce me!

Kernut said...

LOL Did you friend her? My FB addict friends and I wrote the Facebook Addicts Anonymous 12 Steps. It all started with someone's innocent status post.
Check it out: