Thursday, July 15, 2010

Always Connected

I sometimes sit at my desk and wonder how previous generations stayed connected.  Today it's so easy to be in contact with anyone.  My friends and family are only a phone call, text message or email away, but for the majority of my Mom's working career there wasn't even email.  And let's not even mention that there were party lines instead of multi line phones and call waiting.

I am sure work has been drastically effected by diminished output because of our ability to be constantly connected.  Within my circle of friends alone, we have streams of emails in facebook, that the majority of us reach via our cell phones during work hours.  And text messages are sure to always get someone's attention when a matter is more urgent.  These two forms of communication have become my default, because I don't have to use any of my employers resources.  Thereby diminishing any fear that my VP of Financial Reporting tried to instill in us for using work systems for private use.

Who knows what is around the corner... perhaps I should seek out the technology that would render cell phones ability to send/receive texts or an Internet connection and sell that technology to businesses to ensure their staff can't access these systems and therefore force employees to work harder.

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