Monday, July 19, 2010

Who do we think we are?

I just had the most epic weekend of my life. 

A group of fourteen of my friends went to Moncton, New Brunswick as a mini road trip.  We met at Colins' place at 7:45 am Saturday morning to load into a few vehicles and hit the road.  Of course that was delayed, because really it's Saturday morning and some of the friends decided to drink Friday night and have as little as one hour of sleep.

We headed straight to Magic Mountain and spent the day riding water slides, the lazy river, swimming in the wave pool and lounging poolside in the sun.  All and all a great summer day.  Then around 4pm we left the water park and checked into four hotel rooms and got ready for supper.  Supper was at an Irish pub called The Old Triangle.  We all got a good and hearty meal and then headed for the liquor store to get ready for the evening festivities.

Earlier in the day, while preparing for dinner, Colin called and organized for us to travel in style when we went downtown.  At 9:30 our stretch Cadillac Escalade arrived and picked us up for a two our cruise around Moncton.  We popped champagne (and followed with many other bottles of alcohol), took a ton of pictures and sang along to an amazing mix of music on one of our iPods.  To be rolling in that kind of style it's easy to see why celebrities live lives of excess.

And finally at 11:30 our ride ended at the club.  The drive parked out front, rolled out a red carpet and we all got out.  During which time, Ashley became red carpet road kill, falling down (on purpose) on the red carpet and Tori walked over her for an amazing photo op.

We headed inside and danced our asses off.  We were definitely a group that got noticed and probably mainly for the fact that we were new faces in the community.  There are so many funny stories that came out of that evening but for me there is one that stands out.

There was a man, with his group of friends, dancing in a mesh tank top.  MESH!  Where does one even find a mesh tank top??  Other than that I don't think he was that bad of a looking guy.  I guess fashion in Moncton is ahead?? or behind that of Halifax.  Anyway, he noticed me dancing and came over and asked me to have a dance off.  Me, feeling drunkenly confident in my dancing accept.  We start a battle in the centre of the dance floor and before I know it he grabs my shirt and rips it up and over my head.   

Clearly the lesson is to NEVER TRUST A MAN IN A MESH TANK TOP!

All in all I had an amazing weekend.  My group of friends never cease to amaze me.  We have never all traveled before but all went well and we had a ton of laughs over breakfast this morning bringing up all of the experiences from the night before.

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Jody said...

Dance Off? Lord I thought that only happened in the movies! Glad you had fun and got back safely. xo