Monday, July 5, 2010

Fountain of Youth

There was a span of time, like say the last 5 years where I could fall asleep at the drop of a dime.  Didn't matter what I was doing just before laying down... could be a late night 6km run... could be watching TV... anything and it didn't matter.  As soon as I'd lay down I would be asleep.  And I needed that sleep.  If I wasn't getting it, I was no good at work and fighting to keep my eyes awake at 2pm.

But I think I found the fountain of youth and I'm going to share it with you, under the understanding that you will share this information wisely.  Bombay Sapphire Gin.  Something about this liquid has transformed me in the last few months into someone in their early twenties.  Here's an example...

My sister flies in Wednesday night.  I pick her up at the airport, we come home, I get my son settled for bed and I get ready to meet up with my friends at karaoke night.  I'm tired because it's halfway thru a work week and it's pushing 11pm, but that feeling won't last long.  By 12:30 I am at the Palace with a double G & T and I'm rock solid.  We hop bars because the place is empty but I still dance the night away until 4am.  Not to mention that while walking by Venus Pizza, while I'm surrounded by 4 or 5 other guys, a girl comes up to me points her finger into my chest and says "You're sexy".  Hello... I'm the oldest in the group but I still got the attention.

I crawl into bed at 5ish, up at 9:30 and spend the entire day out in the sun celebrating Canada day, catch the fire works and up early Friday morning to drop William off to his Mom before heading to work.  Work all day, come home do work around the house until 2am, crash and up at 8am to do more work around the house.  Have more family arrive in town... take them shopping around the city before cracking my 40 oz gin I got at duty free.  I'm easily smashed by 4pm.  At this point it's looking like any plans to go out will be a write off... cause I don't think I can still party with the young ins at 32.  But hold up... got the jams pumping, little bit of supper and a few more shots and I'm heading to the Lower Deck.  The family is getting a bit lame but I run into friends.  We're dancing to Signal Hill on the patio.  I'm making new friends, drinking doubles and shooting Jager Bombs with my friend's boyfriend.  Cut to an hour later and I'm en route to the Paragon for retro night.  Of course my friends are leaving the dance floor to do shots of Jager.  I'm not one to be left out... but then I also do a shot of tequila with another friend and then of course follow with Gin.  We close that place... must be 1pm.  A friend and I grab a cab to Reflections, while the other fools walk.  And once inside grab a gin and hit the dance floor until 4am closing.

We walk to Pizza corner and suddenly one of the guys has a ride for us.  I decline at first until I realize they are heading my way.  On the ride I am convinced that I should go swimming with them.  Somehow I'm convinced and am on the shore of lake bannook.  Probably half an hour of swimming, sun is very much on it's way up before crashing at a buddy's place.  Awake and doing the walk of shame by 10am for another family filled day.  Even to the point that I work on an assignment, have dinner with family, see my sister off to TO, take a 20 minute nap, go for a walk on the waterfront and crash at 11pm.

I know it's going to take it's toll... but I've had a couple of rough summers, this one is starting out pretty grand.  I'm not going to let it fly by without me.  I can always catch up on sleep... but can't catch up on memories.

Raise a glass of youth, my friends!

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