Thursday, March 11, 2010

Passing lane hero

Picture it Sicily 1918... no, that's not right.

Picture it, Magazine Hill 9:05am and I'm going 100 km/hour in the right hand lane.  I'm a little late for work, but I have made an arrangement at work to be a few minutes late on those mornings I drop William off at preschool.  And as I look in my side mirror I see a black car coming up in the passing lane easily going 140 km/hour.  Now I'm not one to pretend that I don't speed, in fact the limit along that section of highway is 90.  I have had my speeding tickets before, but never for driving that fast, and not during the end of rush hour traffic into a bottle-neck of a busniess park.

I watch as he flies up next to me and past me and I think about how easily someone would die if they didn't notice him and make their way into the passing lane.  And as I make my way through an overpass I see a police vehicle coming down the ramp from Bedford and think ... if only he had been 30 seconds sooner he would have seen the reckless driver, but the Police are never around when it's an idiot like that, it's always when I'm over the speed limit.  HAHA!

And then I notice the police SUV cutting back and forth through the traffic and I realize that it's not coincidence, but he is in pursuit.  And finally he puts on his cherries (as my Dad would have said) and pulls the driver over to the side of the road.  It's a small victory, one more bad driver losing some money, points on their license and probably their license for a period of time.  And I think to myself that if my son had been in the car, I would have had the conviction to to pull over behind the officer and offer to be a witness if the guy decided to fight the ticket in court.

Who knows, that officer may have been someone's guardian angel today!

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Jody said...

Well said Sophia, Um, I mean Jeff :)