Monday, January 11, 2010

Facebook might be taking over my life

I guess I could be called a bit of a facebook addict.  It was more of an issue when I was a civil servant, because I had access while at work, and less work to be done, but I still find it hard to go a day without logging in at least once and catching up on what everyone has been up to.

One thing I don't like about facebook is the fact that when someone unfriends you for any reason, including them closing down their facebook account, you don't have any notification.  I know it's probably to avoid a certain level of conflict that people may start if someone unfriends them in a time of anger or just doesn't care, but part of me wants to know who leaves my friend list.  I think it would be my need to try and correalate the reason for the departure with a recent event.  I don't like it when I lose a friend, according to my friend count, and I can't figure out who is gone.

And another part of facebook that is rather strange is the ability to recognize people that are friends of friends, but because of seeing them in photos with friends, you almost feel like you would know them.  You somehow get this vibe from them that they would be a great friend, all because they know how to pose in front of a digital camera.  Strange.  What is even worse is being drunk, seeing one of these friends-of-a-friend and for some reason introducing yourself to them on the dancefloor.  What was I thinking??  At least two of the people around this friend-of-a-friend found me attractive... although one of them was a little too grabby for my liking.  Oh the fun of drinking public in Halifax.


Jody said...

Speaking of meeting people in bars, lol I need to talk to you :)

And if you can't figure out who's gone, they probably aren't that good of a 'friend' anyway.

JBrown31 said...

You need to talk to me? Oh no... I hope it's not bad.