Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I got the itch

Ever year around this time I get that itch... the one I so desperately want to scratch.  The itch to book a trip to some tropical location where the beaches are white... the trees are palms... the ocean is warm enough to swim in... and I don't have to cook or clean for a week.

I am trying to talk myself out of even looking at prices, but sadly I have already done so on several occasions.  I know I shouldn't spend the money, that paying down debt is the more responsible thing to be doing... but the idea of being on a beach for a week with William is intoxicating.

I am doing my best not to call a travel agent to see exactly how much it would cost for William's trip (since most carriers tease you with the "kids stay and eat free" and I'm sure it's almost full price). 

Don't tell me how nice it would be for my Mom to come with us and escape the reality of life right now either...  don't do it.

And don't tell me that I work hard and deserve one week of careless relaxation, where I only worry about which place to eat at and when to apply more suntan lotion.. or that the only papercut I could possibly get is from reading a novel.  And I already have The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown waiting to be read on vacation... and I read Angels and Demons last year in the DR and couldn't put it down.

Oh lottery Gods (I know there are no lottery Gods...) when will I win some money... I'm not asking for a lot.  Just $100,00.00 or so.  I don't need a million or 13 million or whatever crazy number it is right now.  Just enough to pay off my debt, take my family on a great vacation and have the better part of a house paid off.  See I'd even be responsible and share...

Okay... back to work for me.

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