Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Quick Christmas Post

Anyone who has learned that my Grandmother passed away during Christmas vacation automatically assumes that it ruined our Christmas, but it didn't.  This was actually one of the best Christmases that I have had in a long time. 

My sister, Annette, flew in on Christmas Eve, surprising my Mom and Grandmother.  It ended up that she could get the time off and the flight was reasonably priced so she told me she was coming and we made some plans to surprise the ladies.  Annette called from her cell phone when she arrived on our street.  I spoke for a second and passed the phone to my Mom.  I immediately went and grabbed the videocamera and then there was a knock on the front door.  I answered and videoed the reaction my Mom had when she turned around and Annette was there... and I'm hoping I got Grammie's reaction too. 

That night we had ham for supper, tried making Chocolate Martinis for Annette and Mom and then went for a drive to look at Christmas lights.  Mom and William were competing to see who had "more on my side".  Then William decided to fall asleep in the car and we continued to enjoy the colored lights.  I had planned on snacks and watching Disney's Christmas Carol with William but instead he was in bed early.  The adults enjoyed some snacks and drinks and then headed to bed. 

Annette was on an air mattress on William's bedroom floor and I was sharing his single bed (surprisingly not a bad night's sleep).  He woke up around five in the morning and wanted some OJ but went right back to sleep.  And around 7:30 we woke up, and William said he wanted some more sleep, but by 8 I had him talked into seeing what Santa had brought. 

It was great for us all to be under one roof.  Passing out presents and seeing William's excitement.  And I couldn't get over how appreciative he was for all he received, even clothes.  He kept saying how many presents Mom and Annette had bought him. 

I know that Grammie enjoyed seeing William's excitement.  She would laugh everytime he would pull a couple of gags on people (a can of chips with a snake that pops out when you open it, and a pack of gum with a cockroach on the stick of gum when you pull it out).  So there's no reason to think of sadness when I think of Christmas this year.  It was one I will always cherish because it we were all together for a change.  I guess maybe fate played a part.

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Jody said...

I'm so pleased you had such a lovely Christmas and lovely last few days with your Grammie. Its never easy losing the ones we love.