Friday, April 23, 2010


I am very anxious right now. I think everything is just starting to hit me that soon I will be a divorced man. Something I never saw for myself and not something I think I am even really ready for. And in reality, who sees themselves getting divorced? But me? I was always someone who followed the expected path. I graduated high school, went onto university, started a career, got married, bought a house and had my first child. Now my life is all but on track... well at least not on that track anymore.

This week I had to meet with my lawyer to prepare for the final stages before the divorce becomes final. I brought in my paystubs and my latest tax filing and we spoke of the final issues I have with the corollary relief judgement, which is supplied to the judge along with the divorce filing. While I was there my lawyer tried to call the opposing lawyer to set up a four way meeting, in an attempt to resolve the final issues. I guess we just wait now to see whether a meeting can take place, and whether anything can be accomplished. In the last two years, there has been a lot of stalling and needless attempts to bully me into giving up most of my rights. And somehow I have gotten thru it all, but being faced with this meeting is not something I feel prepared for. I know I have the strength to get thru anything, but I don’t know how to give myself a pep talk for this one, especially now that I have this feeling in me.

Sure it’s been almost two years since my wife moved out of our home, but every single day and night I think about her. I think about it would be like if we got back together. I know I have mentioned it before, and I know it’s not a real possibility, and even if it happened there is no way it would work. Surely, the last two years have damaged us to an extent that even under the perfect circumstances, we could never move past these last two years.

But I do, truly, want my old life back. I made the mistake tonight of looking thru old photos. I also started thinking about my family tree and how I don’t have the family I once did. And it’s my fault. Sure neither of us was a perfect spouse; we both had things we needed to work on, but ultimately there are three words I said to her, that will forever have changed my life. Words that I honestly wish I had kept to myself. What if that was the biggest mistake of my life?

I am sure my therapist would say that I am still in the grieving process and that the actual divorce proceedings is a marker that I should have know would cause all of these feelings to rush to the surface, but it doesn’t make it easier to deal with. So what? I’m normal... yippee!

My heart hurts. It’s Friday night and I’m alone. In order to not sit home alone all night I went to the mall for a bit. I rented a movie, to try and distract myself, but so far, no dice.

I just hope, that after the ink dries on the divorce papers, that we can somehow find a place where we can at least be friends. And I’m not kidding myself into thinking it will be a normal friendship, but at least to a degree that we are no longer reading between the lines or are being over paranoid that the other is up to something. Maybe just friends enough that instead of only texting each other, she will answer my phone calls and talk to me. She was my best friend for half my life...

Update:  It's now Monday morning, and all weekend I have thought back to this post.  I have thought numerous times of deleting it, because really, does anyone want to read some of my most inner thought?  And then I thought... you know what?  It's my true feelings, and I shouldn't be ashamed to share those with anyone, and hey this is cheaper than most therapists charge, right? 

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Kari Anne said...

I know exactly how you feel. I went through the same feelings during my divorce. I once told my ex-husband that "I didn't get married to turn around 7 years later and get divorced" but there were things that happened that, again, I didn't foresee and didn't want/think would happen to our marriage.

I have yet to see a therapist, but have concidered it MANY times. I have also thought of taking my daughter to see one also, but have yet to do that too. Like your son (but a year or two older), she was very young when we separated. We tried to work things out, but he wouldn't go to a marriage it didn't work.

I am happy to say that after three years, we are friends again. We stayed friends during the divorce but things happened about a year after things were finalized and I wouldn't apeak to him for months...I had to speak to him about things concerning our daughter...but other than that...I avoided him.

We wanted more children and then found out I couldn't have anymore...and that was the biggest part of our divorce... Now, he has a two year old son with an ex-girlfriend (that's what happened after the divorce was final...). My daughter loves her little brother and she sees him every weekend that her dad has him. Her dad...well...I have come a long way since that first year...and I continue to work on it daily.

We are now friends again and we couldn't be happier. We both know that we both went about things wrong in our marriage and I know things that I would change if I were ever to remarry again...but that's something that I'm not too sure about right now.

I wish you the best of luck and that the two of you can work things out together when it comes to William. Our daughter has had a broken limb am two surgeries since our divorce and we have worked through them together. And I honestly feel that's the best way to do things for her. To show her that even though mom and dad don't live together anymore, that we can get through things together...

All my luck is going to you!