Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy Hallowe'en already?

Where did October go? I am looking at the calendar and it’s the 26th. The 26th! Only five sleeps until Hallowe’en and that’s a big deal.

Hallowe’en is my favorite day of the year. When I was growing up I always looked forward to it. I was the type of kid who would have a nightmare in June that it was Hallowe’en night and people were out getting candy and I realized that I didn’t have a costume. Then I would start thinking about what I wanted to be, and plan accordingly, because I didn’t want the dream to come true.

Those dreams also keep me on my toes now for William. I find out early what he wants to be for Hallowe’en and start planning. This year he wants to be a Smurf. Hefty Smurf to be exact, because he’s the four year old that is obsessed with most retro-cartoons. He’ll sit for hours and watch Smurfs. He’s sacrifice sleep to watch all night long. OBSESSED.

I started his costume in September. Found pants and a turtle neck at Value Village in the kids section and got a pom-pom tail and a white hat. Jaime made him a dumbbell and tattoo. And here it is the week-of and I haven’t even sewed the tail or tattoo on. Tonight has to be the night. Where did the time go?

Oh and pumpkins. I just made a mad dash to the valley yesterday to pick up some pumpkins from the farmer I always get them from. So I need to find time to gut three pumpkins so William and I can spend Friday night carving. Did I mention I have a couple of text book chapters and an assignment to complete also? (I think I just puked a little in my mouth)

Then I haven’t even given a minute’s thought to what I am going to be for Hallowe’en. Our office apparently dresses up and has a potluck (shoot, and I need to make something for the potluck), and since I have a reputation from other employers I have had, I feel the need to show this office that I don’t mess around. I go big or stay home… and I ain’t staying home on Hallowe’en.

This really is the week from Hell… (but really the only thing I am dreading is the late nights working on my assignment… not the hellish creatures running around).

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