Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Probably not a good idea

I'm not feeling 100% lately.  I have a cold, which came back to back, to another cold I had.  This time I have a cough, where as last time, I went through boxes of Kleenex and I'm sure all of my cohorts around me were sick of hearing me sniffle.

Pair that cold with the fact that I am working on an analysis report that has me stuck.  I don't exactly understand the structure, nor the value in producing said report, but nonetheless I have spent the last five hours attempting to complete the report so it's off my desk and onto someone else's.

And I have reached that point in the afternoon, where if I could be that four year old at the babysitter's again, I would actually be looking forward to nap time instead of dreading it.  I just got to the point where I fiddle with my calculator in such a way, so as to sheild my eyes from any passers-by.  And then I find myself keying less often and the sounds around me fade as I start to fall into sleep, with my head balanced in my hands.  Then I am snapped back into reality when I remember that the new neighbors that moved from downstairs can see into my cubicle.  Not that I should allow myself to doze or anything, but sometimes it is intoxicating.

Oh, what I wouldn't give to be on a beach lounge chair on vacation somewhere tropical, where my only concerns right now are if I put on enough sunblock and whether I really care if I get sand in the pages of the book I am reading. 

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