Monday, October 19, 2009

Who is cracking a can this early?

So I'm sitting at work, just getting into my morning routine, when I hear that distinct sound that can only be one thing.  The cracking of the metal seal of a pop can, followed by the hiss of carbon dioxide escaping the can.  I look at my clock and it's 9:11am.

I get why people like soda pop.  I enjoy the taste myself and try and ignore the calories and sugar, and probably some toxins that I am ingesting when I drink pop.  In fact, I feel a little guilty at times for drinking it in front of friends, because I don't drink diet pop.  But I cannot say that I crave it at 9am.

I guess it isn't necessarily any worse than those people who drink a triple triple, eat sugary donuts, or egg mcmuffins.  They are all unhealthy choices first thing in the morning, but those things are somehow more acceptable in our society.  Although, really, do you need to go through drive-thru on the way to work?  Do you not have the minute thirty seconds to nuke a bowl of oatmeal, or the couple of minutes to make a piece of toast?  You must, because drive-thrus take longer and cost more money than it would be to make something yourself.

Anyway... pop... 9am... I don't get it.

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