Friday, October 9, 2009

No Smoking

So I'm on my way back to work after lunch and I notice a pudgy arm hanging out of someone's car, who is driving through the intersection in front of me.  It's the driver's arm, not some random, unattached arm lurking about, but at the end of it is a burning cigarette.

Here is what I don't understand, if you are a smoker, why are you hanging your arm out the window when you are not taking a drag of your cigarette?  You don't want to stink like smoke?  Here's an idea... DON'T SMOKE!  It's not a hard concept.

And don't fool yourself into thinking that just because between puffs you aren't sitting in a cloud of smoke it doesn't stick to every strand of your hair or the fabric of your clothing, because it does.  And rainy days are the worst.  The moisture in the air makes it sink into your clothes and skin and even if I'm sitting a cubicle or two away, I can still smell it (based on previous workplaces).

Oh, and what is the rationale in throwing your butts out the window?  Are you hiding it from your wife that you smoke?  Or your kids?  Or is it that you don't want to dirty your car's ash tray?  Cause really, instead of only dirtying up your own vehicular world, you are dirtying all of our world.  Besides the toxins that you are fully aware are contained in each of the lovely cancer sticks.

And please don't misunderstand me, readers, I am not angry.  I really don't care if people choose to smoke.  I would prefer they not, because of the fatal effects it can have on themselves and their loved ones... I just wanted to put it out there as one of those abnormalities in human behaviour... to be a smoker, but not want it around you. 

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