Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'm a dancing machine

So for anyone who knows me, or even is just an acquaintance on facebook, you probably know that I like to dance. I don’t take lessons, although on two separate occasions I have, but not independently. And they weren’t hip hop classes to break it down against the West Side or anything.

To clarify, I took lessons the first time, as part of activities during a French immersion program I took immediately following high school. We had to choose an activity and since other friends from high school were taking the class I did too. And the second time I took lessons was when my ex-wife and I joined our friends (who are also divorcing) in an evening class, just to try something new. Those classes introduced me to different types of jive, the cha-cha, zydeco and polka.

Anyway, getting off track there, the thing is I have this relationship with music and the need to move my body. It probably started much younger than those lessons, but when I hear a song I like, or if I am watching someone else dance, I at times catch myself also dancing. It’s not always a conscious thing.

I usually find myself dancing at my cubicle. Especially now that I work at an office that allows you to wear headphones, I find myself jamming. And so far, I believe I have been lucky enough to not have been caught. The issue with this cubicle is that one of my walls has a partial window and my entrance faces windows…the windows of an adjacent office building. I can only imagine what kind of show they may have witnessed over the last couple of months.

At the water commission, my last job, it was so quiet and the people were so boring that I would sometimes dance to break up the boredom or relieve a bit of stress. It was full on dancing with arms and legs being completely uncoordinated. And know one knew; they just sat in their own world eating cheerios and complaining about their workload.

Oh and I should mention, my risk of being caught just increased exponentially. The reason? Our IT department just moved from downstairs to the pod directly next to me. So between me and the window to the adjacent office building now sits a girl, who will no doubt catch me. At least she seems nice enough to probably just laugh and call me on it, rather than just gossip about the weird new accountant.

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